Gliding Dutchman Surfboards

Gliding Dutchman

Handmade surfboards from Holland

"Connecting the right shape to the level of the surfer and the conditions the surfer is planning to surf the board with. Its quite a magical thing to see a customer fall in love with the board you shaped and get super stoked by surfing it".

Gliding Dutchman Surfboards Amsterdam

If you are interested in a surfboard from Gliding Dutchman then please fill in the contact form. To help you get the surfboard of your dreams please include:

* Your Height

* Your Weight

* Your Surf Level

* Where are you going to use the board

* Your choice of board type

* The board dimensions you are  thinking of

* Design features

* Fin set up

* Other things you would like to let us know

* Your favorite colors

Check out all the happy customers that went before you and get inspired