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Whoop whoop! it is almost that time again to experience the next level in Surf Coaching Camps. With certified Instructors, top quality accommodation, fresh food prepared by our professional chef, yoga classes, video analyses and much much more. You will not only significantly improve your surfing, you will also get everything you need to make your trip a relaxing and a truly unforgettable experience.

This spring our BlueJuice Surf Coaching Weeks in Bretagne take place. For those of you that never experienced this area before, Bretagne is all about getting away from everything… Whether you are surfing or enjoying good food, following your dreams or just exploring. On the top of the cliffs, on the beach or in the picturesque cobbled village streets, take a deep breath of fresh sea air and just let yourself go because this is beautiful Bretagne!

But hey you are also here to surf. Well there is another reason why we are in love with this area. Bretagne is one of the most sparsely populated areas and has the longest stretch of coast in France. It offers surfers of all levels lots of exciting surf spots of which our surf guides, who have been coming here for over 15 years, will introduce you to the best. The most westerly point of Bretagne enjoys good exposure to the North Atlantic Swells and is therefore the most consistent in the whole of France. Its rugged coastline will allow for some real good swell/wind combinations, holding decent surf if there is any swell and providing shelter from many wind directions. It is not surprising that most of our guests keep on coming back to us to enjoy this rugged surfers' paradise.

Because we always work with separate coaching groups for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers you will always be coached on your own level. Together with your coach you willl set your learning goals and during the week you will be coached daily with personalized tips and tricks from the beach as well as right next to you from the water. After your well deserved lunch we will go for another surf coaching session. An ideal moment to practice everything you have learned that morning. Before you enter the water that afternoon you will get some more personalized surf advice from your coach. Both surf coaching sessions are filmed and in the evening we will all look at the footage of that day. Your coach will analyze your surfing and give you positive feedback on your surf session. In addition you will also get some valuable information on wave positioning, surf safety and surfboard knowledge.

Surfing is what you love and what you will be doing a lot this week. You will burn a shitload of calories so it’s very important to get some good food inside of you. Our chef uses only the freshest local produce and will make you your daily breakfast, lunch and a nice warm meal for dinner.

You will be staying in a typical Breton country house. An absolute gem of a house with legendary surf spots like Baie des Trépassés in it’s front yard. A light, serene and perfect place to relax and lay back after an active day in the ocean. Get yourself a drink and cosy up by the fire with your fellow surfers. There is always someone that thought of bringing their guitar and starts playing some tunes. The ultimate feeling of that surfers’ lifestyle

So are you ready to improve your surfing skills amidst beautiful surroundings with rugged nature, empty beaches and top waves? Well here is your chance. Check for more info : or follow our adventures at:


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