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True Ames 10'0 Wayne Rich Harmonic '67 Limited Edition Surfboard fin

10'0 Wayne Rich Harmonic '67 Limited Edition

€ 170,00Price

Another instant classic from master shaper Wayne Rich, the H-67 was conceived in order to provide the perfect marriage of both pivot and drive for the classic style noserider. Wayno poured his knowledge and expertise into designing this fin that is meant to bridge the gap between old-school and modern longboarding.

It’s raked back profile will provide additional drive when setting up off the bottom, and superior hold while walking to the tip and hanging out on the nose. This vast amount of surface area in this fin will not disappoint if you’re looking for a recommendation to throw in your log.

*All Collector's Edition Fins have Wayne's special hand mixed blood red tint, are hand signed by Wayno, and are given a number as part of the limited series. Handmade in California by True Ames.

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