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True Ames California 8'5 Lovelace V Bowls Volan Surfboard fin

8'5 Lovelace V Bowls Volan

€ 120,00Price

Slightly stiffer than your average flex fin, Ryan Lovelace designed this as his ultimate mid-length companion. It's named after his favorite board, but not at all limited to the design. What you'll find in this fin is positivity — great drive down the line and taut release out of your bottom turns when surfed with a heavy foot. 


These Volan fins are fine tuned with a precision foil as well as proper flex. They are handmade by True Ames and go through the strictest quality control. Fins made with Volan fiberglass and properly aligned for optimal weave orientation have very high performance flex characteristics — with the flex coming more from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.

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