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Nordic Surf

Join us on our Surf Trip to Norway

Get acquainted with Norway’s lively Surf scene and enjoy this fantastic arctic surf adventure with rugged nature and empty line ups.

Image by Patrick Fore

The Ultimate 
Surf Trip

Pack your board bag and come hit the road with us.  Explore the beaches and pointbreaks of Norway. Remote stretches of coastline and a warm house close to the surf! Multiple waves for most levels, including pointbreaks, beachbreaks, reefs, and slabs. Bonfires, bbq's, hiking, fishing, off-road exploration, and more. All accommodations, camping equipment, food and beverages provided through a variety of options!

The Nordic Surfing

The first surfers appeared in the line up in 1982 in the Jaeren region. Until recently Norway's surf potential has been mostly ignored, leaving it to a small core crew. This all changed when an article in Surfer magazine appeared. Surfing in Norway suddenly became a lot more interesting. And with good reason. Norway stretches down the western flank of the Scandinavian peninsula punctured by beautiful fjords and dotted by islands. This translates to a mind blowing 83000km of coastline. It is easy to see it's potential. Low pressure systems usually track from the SW to the NE bringing first SW and W swells, then hopefully the more lined up NW swells that gets many of the best breaks firing. 

The Cold SurfAddict

Because it really is an addiction. It’s not even that you want to come need to come back. Cold is like that. You become hooked, like a junkie. Surfing in cold water has an almost therapeutic side that makes you forget about absolutely everything. The water just washes away everything that’s in your head.

line up surf norway

With separate coaching groups for beginners to experienced surfers you will always be coached at your own level and at a beach suitable for you. Choose the week for your surf trip below and join our BlueJuice family. Let's go surf!

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What's included:

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8 days in a beautiful house near several surf breaks

6 prifessional Surf Coaching Sessions

Surf theory and surf safety sessions to enhance ocean comfort

Delicious and healthy food freshly made every day

Activities like cool hikes and tastings and local distilleries

Experienced Surf Guides taking you to the best spots in the area

Optional yoga classes to complement your surfing

Small private groups so you will always get maximum attention 

20% discount on your first order in our shop

Surf adventure
Surf Week

7 days all-inclusive

€ 1650,00

No new dates available for 2022. We will keep you posted about new Nordic Adventures. Like last time this adventure has limited spots so if you are interested be sure to contact us and we will put your name on our list for future editions. Stay tuned.

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